Proposal to stick Zencash logos on public transport

Hello guys,

Take a look at my proposal from the above link.


Hi @panashetapera,

first of all, after rebranding the official name of this project is Horizen, see this link.

Total budget is 1000USD? If so, it’s very expensive. Please, let me know the total budget and I will review it with my team.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen

Hi Kamila,

Thanks for your response.
My bad, did you guys send out a presser on it? Perhaps i missed it.

Perhaps it is expensive, but when you look at the CBA of the project, the sticker is going to be on the "Kombi for more than five years depending on how long the material will last.

Also to understand why i think its a very necessary cost, think of it as mobile billboard v to an immobile one. I personally think the benefits of doing this (Time factored greatly outweighs the cost in the LR)

The cost of fully branding the Kombi, considering the size would amount to USD 650, i’ve enquired about this.
On top of that i wanted to put up a small TV, that would play Horizen Informercials, use cases 24/7 as long as the bus was on a trip.

Let me know what you think.

Hi @panashetapera,

we reviewed your proposal and unfortunately we cannot approve it. It’s very expensive kind of passive advertisement which have a great organic reach but does’t have a perspective engagement and targeting for appropriate audience.
I personally think it’s really great idea. In my country we have many city buses with ad stickers and it’s very popular. But the price of ZEN isn’t currently so high so that we can support your idea. Therefore, we cannot contribute with you right now. But I really believe in future contribution.

I’m very sorry.

This proposal is REJECTED.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen