[ Proposal ] Translation HoriZen Into Arabic

Hello , My name is Salim i’m from Morocco i’m 26 years old .


Arabic is the world’s fourth most widely spoken language, with over 300 million native speakers and many million more speaking Arabic as a second language. 25 countries recognize Arabic as an official language, including:

  • Algeria (40m speakers)
  • Egypt (90m)
  • Iraq (36m)
  • Morocco (35m)
  • Saudi Arabia (30m)
  • Sudan (40m)
  • Syria (20m)
  • Tunisia (11m)
  • UAE (9m)
  • Yemen (23m)

HoriZen does not yet have a presence or awareness in most of these countries. Making information easily available is an important first step in helping people learn about HoriZen

Project Purpose

I propose to translate Website + Wallet + all docs into Arabic

Budget :

0,06$ Per Word / this price can change , i need someone to confirme with me how much words website and wallet and docs they have

I look forward to answering your questions here or in discord chat : @Salim

At this current situation on market we will give precedence to community members who wants this to do for free. :sunglasses:

Anyway your rates are very hight:
For 100 words this is $6 this is few lines of text.
You must drasticly lower you rates else this is unacceptable.

Hi ,

I wrote 0,06$ per word because i don’t know the website and wallet and docs how much words they have .

I need someone to confirme with me how much words and after that i can update budget

I would suggest taking a look at the material that requires translation then making your own estimate.

Yes you right , i’m waiting just someone of dev team to contact me

I’m a team member.

If you want to carry out work for Horizen, this is the place to post your proposal.

Can you tell me how much words your website has ?

You can chech how other translations are done and get some estimations.

I checked that but i need the project in https://www.transifex.com

Who is the moderator of the website ?

I’m one of the moderators :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to know that , but can you tell me how the other translator did their work ? Did they use transifex ?

At this moment we really don’t need paid Arab translations, because we are focused on different tasks, we don’t have time to provide you adequate support with this. Please investigate and if you come up with an apropriate proposal we will open discation about.
If you want to contibute this project with free translations i will give you full support.:wink:

I understand , but sorry i can’t work free