[Proposal] ZenCash meetup in Montreal

Dear ZenCash team and Community
I’m posting this in the Pitch Deck since I have an opportunity to speak about ZenCash on July 17th (in a week’s time) in addition, I would like to start a meetup in Montreal, Canada dedicated to ZenCash.

I am convinced that Zen has what it takes to differentiate itself from the crowd; this project is real, the technology is there, the innovation is there, but the difference vs other projects, seems to be that tech is not an end goal in itself, the idea that Zen is creating a platform that is approachable for the average person is what makes me want to get involved.

I would like to start with a talk next week on July 17th as a guest at #Cryoptpoinmontreal meetup, this would be at no cost to zen and my own initiative and it would help me tweak the idea of how to set up the official Zen focused meetup.

I don’t want anything for the talk except perhaps a confirmation that the Zen team officially approves my efforts before the 17th because I would feel silly talking about the project otherwise. I would also like to know that I could reach out and get clarification on anything that I am not prepared to answer directly in order to follow up on questions later.

Second, if the 17th goes well:
Official Montreal Zen Cash meetup,
The cost for meetups in Canada is minimal, 22CAD/mo so at today’s prices it’s roughly 1ZEN/mo.
Most meetups in our area meet in cafe’s or wework locations, but I wanted to try something different: the next 3 months are festival season in Montreal and I was thinking of organizing in open spaces adjacent the downtown outdoor music events happening already in downtown Montreal (non stop until the fall) - again it would minimize the cost for the attendees (no one would be forced to buy food at a resto or feel self conscious if they could not) and I hope it could increase participation since people could just go somewhere else fun if I’m too boring.
I was thinking of calling it something like “Zen in the Parc” or “Crypto in the Parc” - it would be me, my laptop over LTE and getting people engaged with Zen and the things are are so cool about the project. Depending on the audience I could talk about:

What is Zen? Why should we care?
What makes it different from Monero and other crypto coins?
Zen Faucet
ZenCash vs Zcash focus on technology and governance
Double Spend attack and the response (proposal to modify satoshi consensus)
Wallets (Swing/Arizen) and how they are different from Exodus and etc.
how to get help - discord/helpdesk?
secure nodes and what makes them secure and why should we care?
requirements, setup, demos/walkthroughs
what is pki and why it matters to the nodes/tracker
public dns and why it matters for nodess/tracker
supernodes (dPow, sidechains ipv4/ipv6 etc) - here though I need more info.
I can get into a lot of detail, as I’ve been following the project for some time.

About me: I dabbled in open-source in the past contributing to nvOC mining OS by writing some watchdog scripts and making overall stability improvements (as IAmNotAJeep)
my linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bart-f-0591b4a7
I’m also happily married father of two young boys, I retired from IT at 33 to do music full-time, but then un-retired once the entire music industry flopped, I was fortunate enough to be able to engage in my other passion computer science.

Your feedback would be great appreciated.

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

thank you for your proposal. We currently focus more on regional meet ups so I’m more than happy to see your suggestion.

Before we review it I’d like to ask you some questions just to make it clear for me as well as the community.

  1. You are asking for 22 CAD per one month and want to arrange meet ups during festival period which is 3 months. So the total budget will be 22 x 3 = 66 CAD. Is that correct?

  2. How many meet ups per month do you want to arrange? One per month so in sum it will be 3 meet ups / 3 months?

  3. If I understand it correctly you want to have your laptop in a park and show a presentation on the laptop and support it by your speech. And people will sit around on the grass. Is that correct? If so, we can help you with the presentation.

  4. Which festivals do you want to visit?

  5. You wrote “the next 3 months are festival season in Montreal”…Do you mean August, September and October?

From my personal point of view your idea looks very nice. So I’m looking forward to seeing your answers!

To the meet up on the 17th of July - I suppose it’s this one. We’re pleased that you want to present the fabulous idea of ZenCash and definitely support you in that! If you would need more info or need to clarify any detail we have amazing Discord channel (invitation is here), service desk which operates 24/7 called ZenHelp or you can mail at [email protected] and I’ll help you with anything.

Have a great day😉

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamila, thanks for the quick response!
For the 17th talk - you have the correct link. I would speak about Zen, it fits with the altcoin fous for that meetup.
For the official Zen meetup, I’m talking abut a permanent meetup, once a month with no particular end date.
The 3 month idea is to only leverage existing external events due to festival season in Montreal. Once it gets cold in September/October - or if people prefer inside - I will continue the meetups as long as Zen is innovating.
So in summary I see the meetup permanent, 1 zen/month initially to cover the cost with a re-alignment after a few months once I figure out what works and what doesn’t.
Finally, if the Zen team agrees, I could get the official Montreal Zen meetup registered in advance and have that ready before I speak on the 17th and start getting people signed up and the word out.

Looking forward to hearing back!

For questions 3 and 4 I will get back to you with more details.

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

In your first post you didn’t write anything about permanent meet ups. You talked only about 3 months. I think we need better plan and more details. So I’ve changed category of this proposal to “IDEAS”. It will be better.

Also you are talking about two events and it can be confusing for people. So I suggest to create another topic on the Forum to be visible for our community members and distinguish the events. And for both events, please, add more details and links. It means I’m asking for a plan, schedule and budget. It’s much better for orientation.

After receiving this facts we’ll review your ideas and give you a final decisions as soon as we can.

Thank you for your effort in advance!

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamilia, understood and thank you for the quick response!
Lets focus on the meetups, since this is more tangible. I’ll deal the the 17th on my own initiative.

Official Montreal ZenCash Meetup

1 Budget: I’m asking for 1Zen/Month for a total of 12 Zen for 12 months to host 1 meetup per month starting end of July to co-incide with the launch of Super Nodes. Total 264 CAD for the year with a re-alignment after three months once I see what works and what doesn’t.
Question: Some meet-ups charge a fee from the Attendees, since Zen would be sponsoring and I’m planning to use quality pubic spaces, I was thinking of not charing anything from people at least at the beginning. How does it work with your other meetups? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

2 Plan: One meetup per month for a total of 12 meetups over 12 months, starting end of July 2018.
Preliminary schedule and locations based on last Sunday of every month:
July 29th @ outdoor Quartier des Spectacles backup Bibioltheque National
August 26th outdoor Quartier des Spectacles backup Bibioltheque National
September 30th outdoor Quartier des Spectacles backup Bibioltheque National
October 28th indoor Bibioltheque National or other space if participants prefer
November 25 indoor Bibioltheque National or other space if participants prefer
December - indoor - holiday season - skip or pick a date that suits the participants,
January 29 2019 - indoor Bibioltheque National or other space if participants prefer
February 24 2019 - indoor Bibioltheque National or other space if participants prefer
March 31 2019 - indoor Bibioltheque National or other space if participants prefer
April 28 2019 - indoor Bibioltheque National or other space if participants prefer
May 26 2019 - outdoor Quartier des Spectacles backup Bibioltheque National
June 30th 2019 outdoor Quartier des Spectacles backup Bibioltheque National

Quartier de Spectacles public spaces: https://www.tripsavvy.com/quartier-des-spectacles-montreals-entertainment-district-4120985.
Blibliotheque National: http://www.banq.qc.ca/a_propos_banq/informations_pratiques/grande_bibliotheque/Plan_etages/

3 For the next three months:
The city of Montreal supports outdoor and cultural activities in a number of areas - I was thinking of the “Quartier des Spectacles” which is a 6x6 Block area closed to traffic in the summer, link above
For the remaining 9 months:
“Bibioltheque National” which is open to the public, can host meeting rooms for citizens and generally encourages research and enquiry, link above.

4 I am not planning to do meetups on actual festival grounds, but on public spaces in between the festivals in order not to disrupt any of the events as described in the links above.

5 Summer festival season in Montreal lasts until August/September however there are festivals all year round in the area, (including igloo fest in January), but once it gets cold I would need something indoors.

Thanks for your feedback and let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

thank you for the clarification.

We’ve never approved such a long term proposal. We usually ask for something smaller. So I suggest to start with 3 months (it means 3 meetups) and then we can schedule a call and share a feedback from our side and your side. This feedback can show us what can improved, what is useless and what is gorgeous etc. And if the feedback will be eventually positive we can add any amendment of this proposal. It’s no problem.

Regarding to your question connected with fees for participation, we usually arrange meetups in public places like a café and it’s not needed to ask for a fee. If you want to manage your meetups at outdoor Quartier des Spectacles, follow the same strategy for the first 3 months, please.

We’re currently working on an official presentation which will be provided for everybody who wants to arrange any meetup connected with ZenCash. It’s supposed to contain all important information about ZenCash, projects, main goals,… and has a typical ZenCash design. I think it’ll be great if you could use it as well.

Also, we need to check your deliverables so if you decide to contribute with us I’ll kindly ask you for a proof of your work. It means will need to see hashtags (#zentastic, #zencash, #securenodes,…) on social media posted by your attendees as well as photos and if it will be possible some record from the meetup. It’s a standard process called “Tracking of deliverables process” and it’s important to follow it. I think it’s not a big deal to post some pics with hashtags and create a short video😉

Please, let me know if it’s convenient for you or not. If so, we’ll review your proposal as soon as we can.

Have a great start in a new working week!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamila,
Thanks for getting back to me, I agree 3 months is realistic, and was part of my initial proposal with a level set after 3 months. Since Zen seems to keep up a 2 week delivery cycle for the various initiatives I actually see it possible to continue beyond that as long as the project is active and releases regular updates.
I would be happy sharing photos and asking attendees to tweet/hashtag as the whole point of the effort is to help Zen, so please go ahead and review the proposal taking the above answers/commitment into account.
Thanks for your feedback and let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Kamila,
One other note in regards to charging for meetups. I’m not sure how it works in other areas, but in the Montreal area meetups charge a fee to attend, for example the July 17th meetup (next Tuesday) will charge me a fee to attend (10$), so consider this already a contribution on my part.

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

definitely not true that ZenCash has 2 weeks delivery cycle for the various initiatives. You posted your proposal on Thursday and on Saturday you had a preliminary approval. We do our best to provide good and quality services for our community. Please understand that we deal with many tasks and are overwhelmed nevertheless we work very hard to help our customers.

Regarding this meetup it’s held in a club and refreshments will be served (including gluten free products). I suppose the entrance fee should cover a rent of room as well as the refreshments. It’s standard procedure. If you want to arrange meetups in park it’s impossible to charge people or serve any kind of refreshment. We usually do not ask for any fee for our ZenCash meetups. Anyway thank you very much for your participation in this event.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamila, thank you for your comments, perhaps we’re talking about different things, at no point I was commenting on the time it takes you to get back to me.
I was referring to the delivery cycle for zencash updates - mainly having the dev team in mind. This is based on my conversation with Rob Viglione last week where we discussed a paper I wrote on ZenCash and what makes zencash stand out from the competitors…
Rob’s statement was: “our two week delivery cycle is akin to a quarterly delivery cycle for our competitors” which is in line with my statement about being able to keep Zen focused meetups going beyond 3 months.
My personal interest in distributed ledgers has to do with decentralization, governance and DAOs and I was under the impression that the Zen team shared these values. These are the main reasons I offered to get involved. The proposal process on this forum is also very interesting from this perspective.
In regards to the cost of attending meetups in some areas, would you say that Zen’s point of view should override local conditions on the ground?
For example, in the Montreal area most meetups charge, this is the way it is (I will pay to talk about Zen tomorrow). For my meetups, I offered a solution for this, because I think it’s worth trying a different model and not charge people to, it feels like this is a point of contention somehow. Is my initiative not a good thing?
Can you explain?

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

my apologies for the misunderstanding. Your note wasn’t clear for the first time.

I talked to our country representatives and they arrange our ZenCash meetups without charging people for money. Therefore, I’d like to you for arranging it with no fee. If you will agree with my suggestion you proposal can be approved.

Thank you very much for your effort and let me know, please.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Coomunity Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamila,
thank you for getting back to me, I do not plan to charge people for meetups as explained in my posts above, I can only confirm this here again.
As a followup to the 17th CryptoInMontreal meetup discussion (there was another keynote presentation already which was the focus of the evening) - I am being invited for July 31st to give the main talk specifically about Zen. Where can I get the presentation available from the Zen team that had been mentioned in the posts above?
I think this would be helpful if I did not have to prepare one from scratch, it would let me focus on things like use cases for privacy coins and why Zen is preferable to the alternatives.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

thank you for your response.

We reviewed your proposal and it’s APPROVED for 3 months. After this time we will schedule a meeting and share a feedback from your side and our side and we’ll see if both sides will want to continue.

The deliverables of this proposal will be hashtags (#zencash, #zentastic etc.) shared by attendees of meetups on social media, photos from meetups and if it will be possible a short record from one meetup.

Please, post here your address. Our Financial department will send you 1 ZEN after checking of deliverables every month.

Regarding the presentation for meetups, I can send it to you at your email. Is it convenient for you?

Thank you in advance!

Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamila,
sounds good, looking forward to both: the presentation and the meetups.

Hi Kamila, the organizer for Crypto In Montreal has offered for my Zen talk to be the keynote for the 31st and sent me a message asking to see the presentation (makes sense, it’s his platform), I would like to be respectful of the lead times of people sharing their platform - and in this case, it looks like it’s more then a week, so it would really help me out if I could have the presentation you want me to use soon.

Write me your email, I can send it.

[email protected]

Hi @IAmNotAJeep,

you have a very nice email address :+1::joy: Anyway the presentation was sent. Let me know if you receive it, please.

Many thanks to @JeremyW, @Lucy and @zenchick for this presentation :kissing_heart::unicorn:

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi Kamila, doc received, thank you, looks good and informative.
Here is a link to the CIM meetup on July 31st, the organizer has graciously agreed to dedicate the evening to Zen, I’ll be giving the keynote using the Zen presentation and will also compare and contrast against other privacy coins, I try to send some pics and vids as well.

The Zen in Montreal meetup the group has been created, a few people already signed up, I have some creative ideas for Zen In Montreal and I will float them after the 31st for community feedback.

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