[ Proposal ] : Zencash School In Arabic

Who We Are ?

We are a team of Crypto enthusiasts from morocco, Arab is our native language. We want to
spread the good word of Zencash to our fellows Moroccans and the 400 million Arabs on this

our goal ?

Break the language barrier for arabic viewers, and let them adopt zencash. since it’s more attractive and easier to follow if it’s in their native language.

What we will do ?

we are going to be focused on creating a series of videos in Arabic about
" zencash In Arabic " and to Make people know the worth of it .Arabians are likely to
adopt Zencash if it is in there native language and it easy to understand Without a language

Subjects include :

1 : what’s zencash and how it’s work
2 - How you can install zencash wallet in phone and laptop ?
3 - How to send and recive Zencash ?
4 - How to set up a masternode?
5 - Why it’s better than bitcoin and other crypto ?
6 : what’s blockchain… ?
7 - How to purchase it ?
8 - Why it can reach 500$ in the end of 2019 ?

Note : We have already work with dash digital cash and we made to them videos in arabic you can check the videos from here . and there’s more video in this channel .


Budget --> 1500 Usd

Hi @IlyassAj,

first of all, after rebranding this project is called HORIZEN, see link here. NOT ZenCash any more.

Second thing is Horizen doesn’t have masternodes. We have secure nodes and super nodes. Please, google the differences or our blog as a source. Thank you.

From the one link you posted I can see your video was uploaded on channel DASH Arabic. Is it your channel or belongs to DASH? I’m asking because I’d like to know what channel you want to use for Horizen videos. You know that you can have great content in general but if you don’t have enough followers you can’t have good engagement. Youtube doesn’t have such a good organic reach. So maybe we’ll have to help you with engagement and reach via our marketing dep.

Before we review your idea, I’d like to ask you these questions:

  1. What channel you want to use for posting?

  2. How many videos do you want to post? And what would be a plan for content for every video (^^ above it’s content in general) and what is time plan?

  3. The price is currently very very expensive. Are you open to reduce the price?

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen

Answers of your questions >>>>

1: i’ll use the same channel and also you can uplaod the videos in your channel .

2 : i’ll post 7 videos and that’s the Subjects include videos :

+what’s horizen and how it’s work
+How you can install horizen wallet in phone and laptop ?
+How to send and recive horizen ?
+Why horizen it’s better than bitcoin and other crypto ?
+what’s blockchain… ?
+How to purchase it ?
+Why horizen can reach 500$ in the end of 2019 ?

3 : yes i’m ready to reduce the price , but tell me how much you can pay for that ?

Hi @IlyassAj,

thank you for your quick response.

  1. I’m really not sure about posting HORIZEN video at channel with a word DASH in a name. Let me discuss it with Marketing dep.

  2. We’ve never contributed with you. Therefore, we’d prefer you to prepare only one video with complete overview of all highlights / features of HORIZEN as a project. Then, we could see the feedback from people and can either continue in contribution (it means you can prepare another videos with specific topics e.g. “How to set up Secure / Super Node” etc.) or end with contribution.

Is it convenient for you to start with something smaller?

We can offer you 20 USD for the video. You submitted your proposal on 2018/10/13 when closing price was 1 ZEN = 13,39 USD (source). It means we can offer you budget of 1,5 ZEN for the video.

Please, note we’ve never contribute with you and therefore the payment will be realized after publishing the video. I always post here a TX link so you can double check another proposals on Forum to find out that we pay always and there’s no need to be worried.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you and have a great day!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen

Ok i’ll create new channel wirh new followers , but before at all you need to pay me half of the budget before start recording the videos .
7 videos × 13 usd = 140 that’s mean 10.5 zen
So i’ll recieve at first 5.3 zen and after work you’ll send to me the the other 5.2 zen . , that how my team work

I think you don’t understand what I wrote. Please, read my post very very carefully.

We’ve never worked with you before, therefore we’re asking for something smaller at the beginning. It means you can create only ONE VIDEO with budget 1,5 ZEN for this video. The payment will be sent after releasing the video on Youtube channel. Definitely not before. This is standard process.

This proposal has been closed due to elapsed time since the last communication from owner. The proposal may be re-opened by sending me a DM or email at [email protected] .

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen