Proposed Statement Of Work For Horizen Blockchain Wallet Tutorial Campaign

Hey Horizen support team,

I’m pleased to announce that my pre-proposal for the Horizen community is live on Reddit!

Check it out!

See Reddit post:

After a week of commentary and feedback from the community, I will submit the proposal to the Pitch Deck.
If you have any ideas or comments, please let me know! I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance! - Denni

Good job! But can you add what features Horizen wallet has

Yes, absolutely! I’ve stated in the proposal that Tutorial 1 will “showcase the user-interface and it’s features.”

Is there any feature you like specifically? Let me know and thanks for the comment!

Thank you very much for your submission to Horizen’s proposal system. We appreciate you taking the time to research our project and come up with a plan to enhance our ecosystem. While we think that the proposed tutorials are a great idea, we cannot support them with our current marketing budget. The decline of BTC’s price in 2018 has substantially impacted our budget and our ability to fund proposals. We will keep this proposal in mind once our price recovers and we have more flexibility with our spend. Thanks again and please stay in touch.

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Thanks for the feedback!