RFP for Blockchain Explorer - proposal due date July 23 2017

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any questions or interest in this yet?

Does anyone know why on this block explorer, when I click on the address that was sent 120 ZEN, that it shows there is no ZEN available?

Hi I may be interested in setting this up.


i have a working zen node and would like to work on the block explorer aspect. i have insight running on a machine with a static ip and i am attempting to get the light css version from hellcatz running as well just to see the differences.

I think it has to do with address indexing on the zen node itself.
Something that has to be custom modded into the node code, I’ve seen references to that when people were trying to get insight to work with good ol’ zcash.

Got a working block explorer here: http://aayanl.tech:3001/insight/

daemon with address indexing https://github.com/aayanl/zen-addressindexing

Thanks for sending in the proposals! We are looking at them and would like to have at least two active block explorer operators at any one time. It is important for people to be able to see their transactions and addresses.