Running Secure Node and Mining on same IP [thoughts]


I am a recent ZEN convert from ZEC. I have a mining rig I have enough coinage to start a secure node.

Can anyone help with regards to network issues running both a dedicated node and separate dedicated mining from the same IP location.

I have enough hardware not to need a remote VPS. So my first thought - is it feasible to not have to have to rent one.

I was mainly concerned with external issues from targeted attacks against the nodes and if so, are there any stats on number of such events.


Welcome aboard, great to hear that you’ve jumped over from ZEC!

To setup a node, you’ll need a fixed external IP address and a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to hold your TLS cert.

Providing you have the above, running a node and miner(s) from the same location shouldn’t cause any issues.

I’m actually in the midst of setting up a node at my mining farm as I don’t like that Scotland isn’t yet on the Securenode map.

The only thing that may hold you back (other than a fixed IP) is the availability of a decent connection. Providing you’ve got that, you should be fine.

There’s an excellent guide to setup a node here:

Obviously you can ignore the VPS setup steps although you’ll still need to install fail2ban, rkhunter and setup a basic ufw config on whatever machine you chose to host your node on. Also ignore the testnet steps as we’re now live on mainnet running through some beta testing to iron out the kinks.

If you get stuck, there’s a securenode channel on our Discord server that’s full of people willing to help.

EDIT: Just noticed that you want to run a node and a miner from the same IP address.

The node needs a static external address where as your miner(s) will use internal addresses (either DHCP or statics depending how you’ve set your network up).

You could potentially use a dynamic DNS to resolve without a fixed external IP but it should be easy enough to source a fixed external address from your ISP if you don’t have one already.

I also failed to answer RE: external attacks. Our securenodes are designed to be exactly that, secure, however of course we rely on the operators to have the knowledge required to maintain an up to date and suitably robust setup. The guides in circulation all include steps to ensure that the nodes are not easily hacked. To date, I’m unaware of any external attacks.

Your best bet is to contact your isp and see if you can get a fixed ip address on your internet connection. Some isp’s will let you pay a little extra for an extra address or two or they will offer a business package with 6 ip addresses and then you can just do nat/port forwarding on your router.

Hi Rowan,

Thanks for the info. My ISP (BT) will charge about an extra £130 per year for a single static IP. only available their business plan. Looks a decent guide though.

I switched over mining several days ago.

VPS maybe a better option… Probably save anyway on the electric.

Is there a link for the locals of secure nodes. I’m Greater Manchester so if there are some here already then no real loss
to the network if I VPS.

I’m with BT, most reliable for my area as need VPN for my work. They charge a bit of a premium for static IP. So may not be viable.


A VPS is certainly less hassle but for decentralisation, it would be great to have a better spread around the UK.

As you’ll see by going to, the majority of UK nodes are run from a few data centres in London.