Secure Nodes For Newbies

I know a few people - myself included - who would like to operate ZEN secure nodes…But we do not have technical experience. Our willingness to take on this challenge comes from the passionate desire to be active participants in the decentralization of all things!

Would this be something we could expand on together, in an effort to make it possible for more mainstream people to learn, engage and contribute value to the ZEN ecosystem?


Hi. I guess my technical skills are enought for setup nodes. Actually i am collecting zen for it. I love our community and will be happy to help in any matters.

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do we have a guide step by step for setting up a secure node?


That sounds great! I’m excited to learn and grow together…

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I am very much in this boat too. Really want to get more involved and help, but no idea what to do. Trying to figure this out as best I can via forums… a step by step guide would be awesome.

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So this guy ( ) made a great tutorial for setting up a node (not a monetized secure node). He says he will probably make a similar, very easy to do, guide for secure nodes once the technology is implemented. Otherwise, BlockOps has a great writeup on his site but he expects you to have a bit of knowledge in linux and servers…


Anyone know a place to see how many secure nodes are running at a given time? Payouts to individual nodes are dependent on # of nodes running. Thanks!

Check out this! - Global Node Tracker

How much zen to help me set up my node?

i got to configuration and cannot get farther. Email me

[email protected]

Hi guys. I also cannot setup a secure node. I am not familiar with linux at all. I started with this guide
for vps but I get stuck in the end.

I consider my self an average or advanced pc user but never worked with linux before. If someone was willing to make a tutorial step by step video, I think it would be helpful for many users like me.

ok and if we run these one

what will happen??