Sidechain Proposal - Numbers game similar to California Daily 3

I think 2 numbers will be better but ideally something than can quickly be chosen for a daily draw.

Volume is important therefore small bets should be acceptable.

We can use some numbers from the Bitcoin Price of the day at a certain time of the day.

The price can come from a randomly picked Exchange like Binance, BW, Houbi, Dragon Ex.

I’d like to join in to something like this.
Pls let me know what you think?

Or any opinion where I can learn from - legal perspective and taxes.

Thank you!

gaming apps certainly have a big draw in crypto, projects like EOS get most of their legitimate volume from them; as a US entity, however, the Foundation can’t build apps that breach rules in our jurisdiction.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

How about a Sidechain like California Daily 3.
We can pick the first and last numbers to make it a “Horizen Sunday 2” on a Sundays to win like an iPhone or Galaxy or Horizen shirts etc. instead of winning crypto or money.

Can it be done on a Horizen Sidechain? or Mainchain?

I’m concerned about the Legal perspective being that Horizen is a US entity.

for sure can be done, those of us who are US citizens or run companies governed by US law need to be careful with gambling apps, but it’s fairly trivial as far as the tech goes…

can this be done on the main Horizen website, a link as the entry for the lottery participants?
Maybe drawing for a cause like helping other countries?

So, maybe 1 zen or .5 zen to participate, 25% will go for the cause then 75% will go for the winning combination.

maybe a weekly drawing?
can the winner receive the price in zen instead of goods so its easier to get, no need to ship anything thru the mail?

Pictures below are examples. Sorry I can not find a better example, this is only an example.
(In the Philippines cockfighting is legal and it is done everyday. Even this website is legal and licensed to operate).
That’s just how the Philippine culture is, no opposition there.

So, my question is this:
Can a link from Horizen website be made to access a “lottery site” where:

  1. A user name is created.
  2. The user can choose his/her numbers and puts in like .5 zen per bet, a multiple bet can be made with different number combinations for .5zen per combination.
  3. If the user wins, he can take his price in zen, 75% of the pot.
  4. 25% of the pot can go for a cause.

personally i love gambling and lottery apps, but we can’t do them as a US entity. that’s not to say that others in different jurisdictions can’t offer such games, but they won’t come directly from the Foundation.

  1. If there is a website “hub” created let’s say in the Philippines with a link to a lottery site, using Zen as the token, will this be ok?

  2. What is the target date to upgrade to the new main-chain with the more robust all transparent transactions?

  3. What is the target date for the sidechains to be ready to run into the main-chain?
    (we have good programmers in the Philippines btw, we can probably make at least one sidechain).

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#1 should be fine, ZEN is a decentralized currency so it’s not really our choice as a US entity, #2 mainchain strategy will kick off work beginning on the new year as we’re just now on-boarding the rockstar who’ll be doing the brunt of it, and #3 tough to say as we just locked in the Beta timeline for end Q1. hopefully not such a large gap btw beta and production, but we’ll find out those details sooner than later. Love that you have a dev group in the Philippines that can work on some sidechain use cases…that’s exactly what we need, multiple independent dev groups.

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thank you for response!