Some sort of charity

How about giving out some zentoshis to some children in selected orphanages round the world? Idea is, open a wallet in their names, lock it until the individual turns 18 years or above… Mass adoption is the bottom like of the whole move!..just my thought anyways!..:+1:


I like the idear, only wondering how to ensure the kids get the money, how to store them, make sure they have access after some years and make sure no one runs away with their ZEN🤔


The idea is to hold a brief introductory crypto/blockchain seminar with them, compile a list of names and send to the horizen team. They set up and fund the wallets with the agreed amount of the coins and keep the details until the agreed age or year. While the wait last, regular meetings will be held with the selected orphanages to keep them updated and equally update the database kept on the other side ( horizen team)…that’s the idea.


I like it. Keep us posted when this charity goes life😊.