Supporting Fight Against COVID-19

How can the Zen community support the fight against COVID-19, and/or help in the search for a cure? We have so much computing power available through Secure and Supernodes? Can that be made available for research in the short term? Doing so could benefit both the world and Zen.


we definitely want to do our part to support out community and the broader global community. some projects are promoting their communities to support basically using our collective compute power to sequence genes that might be useful for finding cures to covid and other diseases. some of our team toyed with how to incentivize our node network to participate, but pretty quickly concluded that’s not the best path since we’re simply encouraging people to consider privately participating in these kinds of efforts.


I am not following why this would not be a good cource of action. I for example would like to support [email protected] but do not do so out of fear to fail incomming challanges. So would it not be usefull to send “challanges” that are basically fragmented folding calculations for [email protected]? I thought using the node networks additional computing power was also in line with the develoment of side chains that use additional computing power for calculation intensive dAPPs. Of course I completely understand that implementing such changes might not be feasible for COVID-19 especially since there are other important steps to make for implementing Side chains while having additional challanges due to COVID-19.

UPDATE: Did some checking, [email protected] standard runs on low priority, so i should not interfere with incomming challanges. So it should be safe to run it on my or anyones Secure/Super node.


Routing this to devman and cronic, who run the tracking system to see if there’s something we can do. i’m with you on it…if it’s something that adds value and doesn’t put the network at risk, we ought to see if we can pitch in.


I am all for it. Even if it’s facilitating a preexisting solution like [email protected], it’s worth the time and resources. If it’s a proprietary solution developed specifically for ZEN, even better because it may enhance ZEN’s recognition.


I agree, it would be really cool to see the project contribute to the pandemic. Zcash is pitching in by working on a privacy-preserving contact tracing app:

What we need to ask ourselves is relative prioritization: we have a fraction of the resources of Zcash, and our engineering team is all-in on sidechain Beta. At what cost to slipping Beta further into the year are we willing to divert those resources?

The tradeoff calculus:

  • We all want to contribute to fighting covid-19
  • Joining the fight would bring brand recognition to Horizen
  • We’d be diverting scarce resources that are otherwise fully occupied on critical core tech, THE thing that brings Horizen from just another cryptocurrency to a privacy platform with many other valuable uses

My take is that we should certainly individually contribute any way we can to society battling covid-19, but the project is battling for its own life right now in a resource collapsing environment where delays to market have other risks to our survival. We have a clear mission, we’re on track to accomplishing key elements, and I think we should focus as best we can until we have some slack in resources to do other things.


I am unofficially creating a Horizen team for [email protected]:
If you want to support it, the team number is above.
This is purely a personal project. I will yield it to the ZBF if needed or if it needs access to promote it on ZBF channels. I hope to convert an old GPU miner to a COVID-19 researcher. When I find that “round tuit.”


Very cool @spencer, and maybe the Horizen Community Council can support?


Just completed my first Work Unit for team Horizen and still running!


Notes: Please run this program with CAUTION as it will make your CPU and GPU to run at 100% with Medium power. Without proper cooling they might overheat. Run on Light mode to be safe.

I’m using the following software to run with Full power:

  1. HWiNFO - to monitor the system system hardware
  2. SpeedFan - to monitor the temp and control the CPU fan
  3. MSI Afterburner - to control the GPU fan

Learn more:


Will work it up for the HCC submission process.
Thanks for your blessing.

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Thanks for contributing.
I really want to promote this to the community.
How did you get the certificate? I missed that.

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My pleasure and thanks for initiating the Horizen Folding team!

You can get your cert at the Donor page:



@spencer more stats here:


that’s awesome @thretto

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