Tonic Zen Accepts And Promotes Zencash As Our Form Of Payment

HI there, Is our website where we offer you High-Quality Natural Health & Wellness Products.

We would love to promote Zen as our currency of choice - ushering in the understanding & real use case of using Zen as a form of payment for future businesses alike.

We would love the opportunity to run advertisement promoting Zen & Horizen as our partnered payment service.

Incentive to use Zen on our platform would be a 10% discount on the entire store!

Another way to help increase the number of users using Zen would be to offer 1 ZEN per new customer. With A Referral Program where by which for every new users of Zen who signs up on our platform & fund they’re wallet would then translate to the referrer receiving 1 Zen & the new client also being offered 1 Zen.

Our Second Offer would be in the form of a Reward Program where one receives Zen as rewards for they’re order price which they will be credited automatically or redeem at a time of they’re choosing. 1 Zen for every $50 or $100 spent for example.

We would love to partner with Horizen to promote Zen payments & start the movement towards Cryptocurrency forms of payment - with a simple instruction page on how to set up a Sphere Wallet and buy Zen Threw Our Platform Directly So as not to have one have to go to an exchange to buy ether than withdrawl and pay a fee to then put it on binance and exchange - which by now will have already lost many new users.

We wish to offer a direct way for users to directly purchase Zen on The Tonic Zen Platform to give them the option to purchase our Premium Products with a 10% on the entire store thus promoting Horizen, Zen & Cryptocurrency as a means of Payment.

We would be asking for 10,000-20,000 Zen
Accounting for the Advertisement budget, Web Development costs to implement the Direct Purchase of Zen Threw Our Platform, and supplementing the rewards program & other awesome features in support of the Use Of Horizen & Zen .

Thank-you for the opportunity to offer you our offer and hope to talk to the team soon on possible future dealings & projects.

Sincerely & with loving regards
Tyson Adolfson - Owner & Creator Of

We cannot accept this offer in current market conditions this is too much for our budget.
All in all cooperation sounds interesting, maybe we can start with something more simpler.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback.
Indeed we would be willing to simplify the offer.

Would 5,000 Zen be within your target?
This would still allow us to proceed - simply modify the plan a bit.

In this case we would still be able to purchase advertisement and we would also be able to promote Zen on our products with sticker labels. And offer the first 500 customers 1 Zen. And have the information page on setting up Sphere wallet.

I would still love for there to be a way that people can directly purchase Zen from our site. Is there anything you have in mind to make that a low cost possibility?

Exchange integration is costly. I personally have Web Development experience as well as my partner who is by far the best i’ve known. He specializes in security. A college of mine has been around since the first computer and also has great programming experience so what I’m getting at here is there perhaps there is some coding materials you could pass on to us for all nessesary Zen purchase integration features?

And if you have anything else you would like to discuss or propose we here at Tonic Zen would be more than happy to collaborate.

Warmest of regards

Unfortunately in the current market we cannot justify any kind of development incentive for a specific merchant to add ZEN support to their store however if you decide to go ahead with the integration, we’d be more than happy to add you to our upcoming merchant list which will be hosted in its own section within our main site.

If you require some guidance to set yourself up with a node for payment handling, please let me know. Failing that, there are a number of 3rd party POS solutions available. The 3 most popular are NetCents, Coinpayments and Paytomat.

All the best!

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