Transaction from miningpoolhub

Hello, i have mined 0.2 ZEN in couple of days, and cashed out from
I have the Zencash GUI Desktop wallet, and I didn’t recieve any zen on it yet(waiting for 3 hours now).
I have cashed out to the first address under Own Adresses tab in the GUI. - is this the right thing to do?

When you go under transactions, does the withdrawl say confirmed? and verify it is the correct matching address to your wallet

Yes, it says confirmed, and the address is exactly the same… the wallet is still showing 0 zen.

which wallet are you using? arizen or swing?

I’m using the Swing wallet. Is it because of the wallet?

is your wallet synchronized with the blockchain? It should say blockchain syncrhonized 100% in the bottom right of the overview tab.

If it isn’t at 100%, please leave it open and let it sync, you should see the balance show up.

When you go under “Own addresses” tab do you see Yes in the confirmed column next to the address you withdrew the 0.2 Zen to?

It was not synchronized. That sync process took more than 12 hours.
When finished, the zen and transactions showed up.
Thanks, you helped me alot!!! :slight_smile:
Oh and btw, how can I now convert these to usd and get them in my debit card (just for example)?

this isn’t the best place to ask about that but I can give you a quick over view of the steps. I would suggest googling and doing a lot more research. youtube is often a good source if you learn best by seeing others do.

First, you will need to register on an exchange that lets you convert into fiat (USD). The most popular choice is coinbase, but they have been under a lot of strain lately with a significant increase in users. You will need to provide government ID as well as link your bank account.

Once signed up coinbase, you need to convert your zencash into one of the currencies supported on coinbase (bitcoin, eth, litecoin). The easiest way to do this is through an exchange service, either shapeshift or evercoin but i would suggest evercoin. I’m going to suggest ethereum simply because it has the fastest confirmation times and cheapest transaction fees of the top coins.

So in the end you will

  1. sign up on coinbase, go to your ether wallet and look for a deposit address
  2. go to evercoin and choose to send zencash to ether.
  3. provide the your coinbase ethereum deposit address as the destination, and your zencash deposit address as the refund address.
  4. (this is the part i’ve never done) on coinbase once the ethereum shows up, create a sell order to convert the ethereum to USD, and set up a withdrawl to your bank account.