Treasure Hunt - Offered by Horizen

My name is Anderson and I have a Youtube channel called Crypto Insights Brazil, with 41k subscribes and 4k views per video currently.

A few months ago I was sponsored by Horizen and I were very happy for helping Horizen and to be part of the community. The partnership was brilliant, Horizen can reach the Brazilian public of cryptography and I was able to create a community of 300 people only in Telegram Horizen Brazil. But because of the winter in the crypto market, our partner was stopped.

Yesterday MedaR contacted me so I decided to propose a new partnership, but in a single video. And that video will surely bring a huge reach to the Horizen brand.

Create a video called “Bitcoin Enigma” where anyone who discovers the complex enigma will gain a reward of 0.4 BTC.

In this video you will have some sort of clues to discover the public and private key of a Bitcoin portfolio containing 0.4 BTC. These clues will be complex: each private key and public key code will be encoded, scattered and hidden in images and sounds in a creative and mysterious way, so that people will have to engage with the community to discover this treasure.

But what does Horizen gain from this?
Publicity. Lots of publicity!
First: the video will be viewed by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people as it contains a hefty reward of $ 2,120 (at current quote).
Secondly, several clues to discover this puzzle will be related to Horizen. People will have to search the site, the WP or the community itself in order to complete the enigma and gain access to the reward. All instructions will appear in this single video.
Third: it is a timeless video, that is, if nobody discovers the enigma now, with Bitcoin always valuing itself, the reward tends to increase and more people will be interested in the game.

I add the follow introducion to the video:

This episode of Bitcoin Enigma was only possible thanks to Horizen, who is sponsoring the reward of 0.4 BTC to the winner.
So I thank Horizen for making this game happen and so some tips from this enigma are related to Horizen. Soon, participants will need to access the project website to complete the enigma and get the reward.
Enjoy and learn more about the Horizen community and ecosystem that uses Zk-Snarks technology to provide absolutely private and secure transactions, as well as other services using its protocol as a basis.

What will the video look like?
The video will be very short - 2 or 3 minutes maximum. As such, it can be easily available on the main platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and decentralized platforms like Bittube and Dlive.

In the video, there will be several scenes, images and sounds where clues to discover the enigma will be hidden as if it were a treasure hunt. Among clues, there will be information and images related to Horizen and of course, showing the importance of privacy in transactions and how mechanisms used by Horizen can help protect users’ identity - something that Bitcoin still needs to implement.

This is a project that I will execute independently of Horizen’s sponsorship. My idea is that other startups / DAOs sponsor other episodes of Bitcoin Enigma and thus, bring more people into the crypto world in a more engaging and creative way. And with a reward of 0.4 BTC have no doubt that the range will be much higher than traditional ways.

I need 0.4 BTC to give as a reward to anyone who finds out the riddle and 0.1 BTC for my work producing and disseminating the video.
So the value of this proposal is 0.5 BTC.
Note: the video is already 50% ready.

After receiving payment, the video will be ready within 1 week as soon. I agree to receive 0.4BTC for the reward of the enigma and after the video ready on Youtube, the remaining payment of 0.1 BTC.
The value of 0.4 BTC should be transferred in ZEN to my trust wallet. Afterwards, I will make the exchange for BTC in an exchange that will be sent to another wallet and only then will be sent to the wallet address that will be hidden in the video through the enigma, so nobody will find out what the private key is.

More nformation:
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Twitter: @Crypto2Insights

Do you have a question? Please, let me know below that I will do my best to clarify.

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