Wallet backup - Arizen

Im new to this wallet.

What is the difference between awd and uawd?

Can you pls explain to me in layman’s terms? In a way that I can understand it as far as use cases?

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Hi, Louie!

*.awd is the extension given to a normal Arizen wallet file or backup file. It is encrypted.
Practically speaking that means that without both the NAME of the wallet AND the PASSWORD you cannot access the ZEN controlled by that files that is where the private keys are stored.

*.uawd is the extension given to an UNENCRYPTED Arizen backup file. It is intended for users who will be storing that file on media that they consider secure, whether physically, encrypted media or both.
the *.uawd file is convenient but if anyone gains a copy of it, they can create an Arizen wallet and access the ZEN without having to know your Wallet Name and Password.

Does that help?


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thank you for your response. it looks like the awd file is the way to go for me, for my own reasons anyway.
can you tell me how to create this file or send me a link? im assuming ill have to create this from the wallet.

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Check under the help menu:


In particular:


Thanks for your interest in the Horizen project.

Spencer Whetstone

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than you very much for your help!