What have I missed...?

Alright zen family, I’ve been away for sometime now!.. Lost and had to lay my immediate elder brother to rest and after then fell ill… So what have I missed so far from this great house?..

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Hey @Boylevictor

Glad to see that you’re back! And sorry for your lost :pray:

  • We have successfully launched Sidechain Alpha few months ago
  • We have Weekly Insider Call on Discord + Quarterly Livestream on YouTube replacing the Monthly Livestream on YouTube
  • We have launched a better Faucet, now in different languages
  • Engineering department added new Sr. Software Engineers
  • More and more partnerships with wallets, payment processors and exchanges
  • Sidechain Beta is planned to be released in Q1 2020. That’s when the real fun happens!
  • Staggering community growth and mass adoption
  • ZEN price rebounded hard from the ATL of $3-ish to current price of $7-ish

That’s what I can recall for now! :sunglasses:


Wow! That’s what I call digital revolution! Zen to the moon! Thanks for the update bro, let’s keep the community growing!