Where are you hosting a Zen Secure Node?

Please share your experiences:

Where are you hosting a Zen Secure node, on your mining rig, your home computer, a VPS?
If so, which one, do you recommend it?

Please give us details, as much as you can , so newcomers can easily get bigger picture.

Videos, pictures, are more than welcomed!


Is running multi secure-nodes (on testnet) at the moment on a dedicated server through Online.net
I’ve got myself a Dedibox XC 2016 w/ 16Go RAM and 250Gb SSD… for 19.99€ / month.

Before that, was running a single secure-node instance on a VPS at Scaleway with the VC1M (4 cores, 4Gb RAM, 100Gb SSD) for 5.99€ / month.
Everything is running smoothly and without problem ! :slight_smile:

You can check my node on the SecNode Tracker with the ID : 2005
(4 days and two minor problems self regulated by the wallet himself…


My house, using a spare computer, only costed me $200, works for life, very cheap

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I have had mixed experiences with linode 1gb ram boxes (four total, two having issues with challenge timeout).

i have had excellent results with ovh 2gb ram boxes.

Please provide us more details.
What system are you using, one or more nodes, pc specifications…?
Keep in mind this will be guidance for newbies, so more details better.


My goals in setting up secure nodes were to try and have the best price/performance as well as finding diverse locations on different networks.

I started out using Linode on their 1024 plan, but realized these would not pass the challenge consistently. I upgraded to the Linode 2048 plan which worked great, I was even able to customize the swap space in the linode control panel so I did not need to add the /swapfile as in blockops instructions.

I found another VPS provider called vpsfast.net which has VPS in many different countries, unfortunately they are expensive and not all locations have SSD. I am spending more than I want to for one of their VPS in Brazil because I do like to have a node in South America. Their customer service has been the most responsive of any provider I have used.

OVH is an excellent VPS host with good price/performance. I would have more VPS with them but I was confused by their website and mistakenly ordered something called “cloud container”. When they refused to credit or refund me I decided not to order more.

I have one VPS with AWS Lightsail, again it is more expensive than I would like but one of their locations is Mumbai and it is great to have that diversity. Their configuration is a little different so the standard blockops instructions needed to be modified a bit to make it work.

I would like to thank hairetikos for these great instructions for a minimal Debian build: https://steemit.com/zencash/@hairetikos/minimal-vultr-and-other-1gb-vps-optimal-zen-secure-node-guide
I have 2 VPS built from these instructions which are working fine.

Good luck to all the node operators out there, I hope this project is successful!


Same here on the confusing website from OVH.

I started with 2 VPS on Linode as 1024 plan but challenge time was failing. Upgraded to 2048 plan and all is good. Tried to do 3rd node on OVH but couldn’t figure out the site, mistakenly ordered some cloud stuff. Now have 3 Linode 2048 nodes working great, two in Dallas and one in Atlanta. (Dallas has lower challenge times for me)

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Have two nodes on testnet at the moment.
One on OVH Strasbourg Single core 4GB SSD VPS getting around 140s for challenge.
One on Hetzner Dual core 4GB HDD anywhere from 100s to 130s.


Currently as a VM on my FreeNAS lab machine. Soon on a VMWARE server.

A few questions…does the secure node have to be in a dmz? Can I run on virtual infra inside a fw or does this require 443 inbound from internet? Anyone used AWS or GCP for their VPS?

You do not need to run the node in the DMZ, you can port forward on your router all the ports listed in the guides to your VM.
You will only be able to run 1 node per public IP address you have.

Thanks @psyrax

Hi, I am currently running 2 nodes. I’m using Linode VPS 1024 on one setup with Ubuntu 16.04LTS and I’m running a Debian 9 VM on Google Cloud Platform. A couple things - you may be able to find a $10 credit if you poke around on Linode.com, and there is a $300 credit (as of last week) on Google Cloud Platform that is good for 1 year. I am running a 1CPU, 4.5GB Ram 20GB SSD setup on GCP. The setup on the GCP was a little more involved than the Linode setup, but the challenge times are much better on the GCP VM: 150-180sec vs. 240 - 340sec on the linode setup(requires regular reboots when the challenge time > 300s. Also, GCP ends up being ~$30/month, so if you get the trial credit you should be able to run the node for about 10 months without paying a dime.

Happy noding! :smiley:


i use linode.com here is a referral code for a signup discount


I’m currently using Linode and OVH however i’m hunting for a local VPS provider as seeing Scotland on the map without any active nodes is bothering me.

If I fail, I’ve got a NUC knocking around that i’ll host from my office.

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wanted to share a short list Russian community came up with:

it’s pretty self-explanatory, link - challenge time - bunch of cursing in Russian :stuck_out_tongue:
feel free to add your entries at the bottom.


I’m using OVH VPS - SSD 2. Has 4GB of RAM, 20GB SSD. Using a 1GB swap file. Getting sub 150 seconds on challenges. My node is located in Warsaw, PL.


I’m using a HP ProLiant MicroServer from my home
It’s an older model but does the job nicely.
CPU: Turion II Neo N54L 2.2 GHz
Running challenges at around 131s ( https://securenodes.eu.zensystem.io/nodes/2056/chals )

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Currently two nodes, California and Japan.

I’m using dedicated Linode VPS 1024 with Ubuntu 16.04LTS and 1GB swap. Challenge times consistently <300 but a little high >200.

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I wish that I could run a physical node from my home. I am seeing just a handful of VPS companies that have best price per performance to justify running a node on and it just seems like this isn’t the best way to decentralize imo. Best way to decentralize would be people running physical nodes from their own homes, were there is minimal risk that large numbers of nodes could be shut down involuntarily or altered.

Node up and running using AWS Lightsail.
4GB RAM, 2vCPUs, 60GB SSD, 4TB data -> 40$ per month
Region: EU (Frankfurt)
First challenge around 90sec.