Why Operating a GPU Mining Farm SUCKS and ZenCash up over 250%!

Operating my GPU Mining Farm can be extremely frustrating at times. . and I’m stoked to see ZenCash getting the price increase that it truly deserved!


smOS is ok… but they do auto updates. They could definitely push out an update that crashes half your farm.

After talking to wolf0 I am on ethOS. They do not auto update. It is significantly more expensive though. And yes for farm owners like us with dozens of rigs this isn’t cheap. But downtime, I think, is worse. Heck, it’s why I still only run 6 gpu rigs instead of 12. I hate downtime and want to minimize it wherever I can.

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Also I’m a couple versions behind on ethOS for similar reasons. Updated one rig to the new version found it was acting up. So I only had one rig to deal with. Not 14 rigs to worry about.


What sold you on ethOS over the other OS available?

I stated that already:

Since he’s one of the top mining software programmers I trust his judgment. I also know lots of people using ethOS so I can ask them for advice or assistance if I run into problems.

I should have specified, what I was asking is exactly what wolf0 had said to push you to make that decision and/or key ethOS features you enjoyed that you did not see in other the other OS available. Awesome glad that it works well for you.

Vosk, I highly recommend looking into Windows 10 and Awesome Miner. I am using it on my computers right now and it works like a champ.

Whats your farm consist of?

About 135 1070s and 19 1080 tis over 19 computers.