ZEN coins disappeared

Zen coins disappeared.
• Installed Zencash wallet in October 2017, and deposited ZEN coins into it. I have my T & Z addresses.
• June 2018 the coins disappeared. Contacted support (at github), was told Version 0.73.1 of the ZENCash Desktop GUI Wallet is too old. The latest version is 0.80.5. They suggested “If the Z private key is known to be correct, but there is an error importing it via the GUI, it may be imported via command line: zen-cli z_importkey <Z_PRIVATE_KEY>
• Updated wallet to 0.80.5 and synchronized and tried first to import private key (didn’t work) and then their suggestion (didn’t work either). They stopped answering thereafter.
• The wallet is 75.97% synchronized (at 01/31/19, 11:30 Central), and synchronization goes down… It’s up to July 19, 2018, and up to 3 connections,
• PC, 64-bit, Windows 10.
Could you please help me recover my coins? Thanks!

Wallet should be sync 100% before you import private keys or else wont show your coins on balance!

We had a hard fork so older versions won’t sync 100% please update your wallet application!

Please be sure you have copies of your private keys and wallet.dat on safe place before you take any action!

Swing wallets includes Horizen 2.0.16 binaries:
Swing for Windows: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/tag/0.85.0
Swing for Mac OS: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/tag/0.85.1
Swing for Debian/Ubuntu Linux: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/tag/0.85.2

@nooritasia Did you succeeded with new wallet?

First - thanks so much, MedaR!
Then: Sorry, I didn’t realize that you have answered - Horizen told me to wait few days…uploaded, and synchronizing now. Will update you - and ask questions if have - when it’s done and after I try to import the coins to the new wallet.

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Well, synchronization still goes backward in the new wallet. Any advise? (It started in the old ZenCash wallet at 76.6%, transferred to the 0.80.5 version wallet at 75.97%, transferred to the new 0.85.0 version at 75.23% and now is at 75.22%. Slow decrease, but steady…)


  • This picture contains full path to this location, where you can find wallet.dat file.
    in case of WIN OS
  • For Linux /appdata/roaming/Zen is ~/.zen
  • For Mac /appdata/roaming/Zen is ~/Library/Application Support/


**This file is one you must copy on safe place!!!**
**Notice if you lose this file you can lose your funds.**


  • Close down your wallet application.
  • Go to location of this file, and rename this folder ZEN for example into the ZEN 2
    (don’t delete it!)
  • Start wallet application and sync it from 0 to 100% (This will take a while)
    Wallet application will create another ZEN folder and wallet.dat for you, but without funds.
  • Latter when wallet is synced 100% close it!
  • Copy your wallet.dat (one with funds) on this new location - into the folder ZEN
  • Start wallet application again and your funds will be there.

Again Copy wallet.dat with your funds and store it on Safe Location.

Finally resolved, following the steps you outlined (took few days to upload the wallet, since it took brakes when screen saver was on…). Thanks a bunch, much appreciated!

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I think the tips given above will be helpfull for all the Zen-holders.