ZEN Point of Sale app (PROPOSAL)

Hello everyone, @MedaR @blockops
We are plusbit point of sale company PlusBit Point of Sale Company (https://plusbit.tech/).

No need to purchase any specialized hardware. PlusBit is a free mobile Point-of-Sale app designed to run on Android & iOS (soon) platforms. This project is designed for merchants to be able to accept cryptocurrency quickly, easily, and securely.

Here is a sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf1XWKNBqnA&feature=youtu.be


  • PlusBit doesnot get any fee from TXs
  • No need to purchase hardware
  • There is no monthly fee. PlusBit is a free mobile Point-of-Sale app.
  • supports multilanguages (en, es, tr, de).
  • supports 12 fiat units
  • no kyc
  • no registered account
  • why use plusbit instead of mobile wallet?
  1. PlusBit only generates the payment requests to a wallet that the merchant controls on a different machine. This means that there is no control of the coins from the POS software. This situation works especially well when you have employees that may access this machine as well.
  2. Keeping your private keys offline is always a bonus!
  3. Your wallet may need time to sync.
  4. Unlocking wallet in front of customers is not safe.


  • Works on iOS (Q4/2019)
  • Invoice history (Q4/2019)
  • Invoice printing (Q1/2020)
  • NFC payments (Q1/2020)
  • Fiat conversion (Q2/2020)

750$ in ZEN for the whole project.

Kind Regards

welcome to the community @PlusBit! Always cool to see new proposals, especially when related to merchant adoption and real-world usage of ZEN. How are you guys growing your merchant network? What kind of adoption have you had thus far?

Although it is completely for merchant adoption, we dont operate this service. Plusbit is here for merchants to provide wide use cases. We dont get any fee from Transactions and there is no monthly/annual cost for merchants. Free for everyone. We also can create POS device but it will become expensive for merchants to purchase device. Here we reduced, even made zero all the expenses for merchants. They can convert their smart phones or tablets to Point of sale device without pay any fee. ZEN ambassadors should spread plusbit app. We also will make further updates and add NFC payment feature. All good features are in our roadmap.
Kind regards