ZEN: Shares rejected and server error

Greetings, I setup an old PC running Lubuntu, and an AMD Radeon HD 7950 GPU and I want to mine zencash in a pool for learning purposes and for fun.

The problem is that after I downloaded the blocks and run zend, when I try to connect to a pool using Claymore, I receive rejected shares all the way and also on some pools server errors.

I tried miningpoolhub, suprnova, etc.

Initially I thought that is a problem from the pool but now I think that it may be from the internet latency. A simple ping to www.miningpoolhub.com responds in average in 50 ms, which is quite a lot.

If that is the problem, do you recommend any zencash mining pool in the central or eastern Europe?

Thanks in advance!

50ms is ok, that shouldn’t cause too many rejected shares.

What exactly is it saying when you start mining? Mind sharing a screenshot?

Have you confirmed that your hardware is working okay?

Thanks for response, sir!

It turned out that the GPU drivers didn’t work as they should in that system configuration.

I turned to Windows 7 with Claymore and Catalyst 15.12 driver and it works just fine now.
I use a paper wallet and given the fact that I use a pool, I didn’t downloaded the all blocks until now.
As long as I know, I need all the blocks just for shielded transactions.

It is true that I’m a little aware of all the fees that arise, like developer fee, pool fee, transaction fee, community fee, but its fine for now.

All the best!