ZEN Stratum proxy (Increase earning up to 10%)

Hi guys.
We released the first Open-Source ZCash/ZEN Stratum proxy, which streamlines mining on multi-miners infrastructures/farms (also helpful for small/personal mining farms).
This software is provides AS-IS without dev-fee and without any warranties of any kind.

Source code (nodejs) and instructions are available on Github:

Zecproxy v1.0.7

This proxy has been tested on z-nomp mining pools like Miningspeed on Zclassic / BitcoinZ / ZenCash / BTG coins.

Working fine with mainstream miners like EWBF’s Zcash CUDA miner. 0.3.4b and dstm’s ZCash Nvidia Miner v0.5 ecc…

Main Features

  • Zcash / ZEN / BTG stratum proxy
  • Additional up to 10-20% increase of earning compared to standard pools
  • Pool failover system
  • Only one connection to the pool
  • Workers get new jobs immediately
  • Submit of shares without network delay, it’s like solo-mining but with benefits of professional pool
  • Central Wallet configuration, miners doesn’t need wallet as username
  • Bypasse worker_id for detailed statistic and per rig monitoring - not supported on flypool yet / working on nanopool
  • PM2 support


First of all, find here a small scema of how a stratum proxy works :

  Pool A < ---+                         +------------- > Rig 1 / Worker 1
 (Active)     |                         |
              |                         +------------- > Rig 2 / Worker 2
              |                         |
  Pool B < ---+--- > StratumProxy < ----+------------- > Rig 3 / Worker 3
(FailOver)                              |
                                        +------------- > Rig 4 / Worker 4       

There are several main advantages :

  • First of all, the stratum json-rpc communication protocol is much more efficient than the HTTP “get work” version in term of latency & bandwidth usage. Even if modern miners support the tcp/ssl stratum protocol as well, using a stratum proxy allow you to aggregate communications with the pool in one unique point.

  • The Stratum proxy is like a “personal” pool, the work submission and new work reception are centralized by the proxy and sent directly to the miners through the local network instead of maintaining N open connections through the web (this is particularly effective with several rigs/workers).

  • From the pool point of view, having more and more miners/workers to deal with increases dramatically bandwidth/ressources usage. By using proxies we all contribute to pools workload reduction and so increase community efficiency :slight_smile:

  • By aggregating your workers hashrates through an unique “virtual miner” (which stratum proxy does), you increase by design the number of shares you validate per Hash/sol. In addition, the proxy always has the latest block informations (target / work) from the mining pool so it can quicky provide it to miners according to their needs (new one / reconnected / etc…)

  • With your own stratum proxy you have an unique point of monitoring :wink: . For now you can see if your rigs are alive or not by “simply” scanning the output log, and we are working on an better monitoring way (console UI + Json api…), this will coming soon !

So basically, if you have more than 1 worker, the proxy usage will optimize you mining setup and earnings.

Dockerized version



This software is provides AS-IS without dev-fee and without any warranties of any kind.


  • ETH: 0x1212eF39d945aB9A9568Aa5a72c5CBA99Bbe46c1
  • ZEC: t1YAdYcnKR2ozADWPUvmgnDgf86gfsxQEEE

Please use at your own risk.
Enjoy !

Original forum.z.cash thread :