Zencash Mining Overheat

I’m completely new to the whole mining situation and i wanted to know, is there any programm which can control the computer and prevent it from overheating by maybe stopping mining for a while and then continuing it or anyhing like that?

if you are using windows you can use a program called MSI afterburner. It allows you to have a target GPU temperature. So essentially you’ll say ‘do not exceed 65 degrees’ (find the degree best for your card). MSI Afterburner will make sure your card stays at or below that temp by adjusting the fan speeds and overclocking/volting of your card.

Post here if you have any other questions about heat management and running your miner for extended periods of time.

The funakoshi miner enables you to to define the following arguments:

Max Temperature: -temp-max t1 t2 … one value (celsius) per each GPU. When reached
solver suspends work until temp’ drops to corresponding -temp-min
Min Temperature: -temp-min t1 t2 … one value (celsius) per each GPU. When GPU temp’
drops from corresponding temp-max to temp-min work is resumed

You can read all about it in the github page