Zencash - priv coin dominance or small project?

I watched this great interview and see the potential. https://youtu.be/fGzhJkAnUmQ

The new website looks great too. Money, messages and media. Zencash, Zenchat, Zenpub and Zenhide. Got it. IOHK for R&D and marketing. This stuff is awesome! So I’m in. But I see two problems …

First one is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. As explained by Simon Sinek (TED talk). Listening to Rob and Charles I was captivated by their beliefs and dreams. This is priceless stuff! The https://zensystem.io needs to up front explain the beliefs of the team. The website is clear, but to be frank it looks a bit like those of the competition. Future buyers and holders of the product (protocol) will share the same beliefs of the project team.

Secondly this is a race to market share. Learn about Metcalf’s Law. Today Monero is the big guy. Where can Monero NOT compete with Zencash either today or in the near future? Maybe promote the light wallet (incl mobile). Maybe direct more effort into Zenpub! I’m not sure. But it sure is a race, and that race will be well and truly over by 2019. Pick a unique killer feature and deploy and market it.

The team beliefs about good governance are superb. So why not make that marketable. eg. Quote Martin Luther King, who believed that there are two types of laws in this world: those that are made by a higher authority and those that are made by men. And not until all the laws that are made by men are consistent with the laws made by the higher authority will we live in a just world. Powerful stuff!!

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