I am new to the forum, and would like to help on a little problem I have.

I have a 6 gtx 1070 ti rig mining zencash. Currently running on smOS, on Suprnova Zencash pool. Using DSTM miner. For some reason, my earnings appear to be wayyy to low for my rig. As of right now, what to mine tells me I should make around .5 zen daily, however my rig barely made it to .3 zen. Which just seems extremely low.

Its happen to me before as well, since I started mining (which was around 1 month ago) my rig has never made anything even close to whattomine, or coinwarz or any other zencalculators tell me I should. Around 3 weeks ago, calculators said I should make around .7, and I was only reporting .43.

I think theres gotta be something my rig has wrong, or something I didnt do rig. I dont get how with zencash at 56 dollars my 6 card rig only makes 16 a day.


Happy Hashing.

First of all whats your hashrate? Secondly, you shouldn’t/can’t rely on what the WTM calculator reported 3 weeks ago. Your earnings rate is always fluctuating significantly as the market is always adjusting the global hashrate equilibrium amongst each coins relative to their price. A good example of this is what happened with ZClassic. Their coin price went up 10x, and their hashing power also went up about 10x. So people went from earning 2 ZCL a day, to barely 1 every few days.

In the last few days ZenCash had a price bump up from around $40 to around $60. So thats why in the last few days the amount of coins you mined would have gone down.

All things being equal, the majority of the time, the dollar amount you earn should average out (as coin price goes down, you’ll mine more coins. as coin price goes up, you’ll mine less coins. but the total fiat value you mine should be approx stable). And as with all things, you’re earnings will fall over time as more people build rigs and global hashpower increases. So whatever you earn now, expect to earn a fair chunk less 3-6 months from now.

My 6x 1070 rig (not Ti) is earning 1 zen every 24-36 hours.

Im hashing at 2900. Still from what you said a zen every 24 to 36 hours is still wayyyy better than my rate at 36-48 hours for a zen if not more =/

I recalculated my earnings rate yesterday and I’m near the same bucket as you. My payouts have been approx 48-60 hours apart for 1 zen.

On average I’m still earning around 22-25 dollars a day.

2900 seems like a good hashrate. Mining really is a long game, you put in several thousand and then sit and watch it earn only 20 a day. Slow but steady wins the race. There’s a lot of big announcements coming up in Q1 2018 so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a nice bump in valuation. Mine what u can while it’s cheap :slight_smile:

First of all it can take a couple of rounds/days before you get paid what you have earned because of the PPLNS system.
Second your hashrate per 1070Ti card should be around 480 - 500 Sols, depending on how you clock them. Try 120W at 200 core and 700 mem this will give you 4 Sols/W, aprox.
The amount that is calculated on WTM is pretty accurate in my case.
But it all depends on difficulty that varies a lot over the days.
I’m mining with the same setup as you, SMOS, DSTM on Supr so you should be good to go :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat. I have 7 1070s mining ZenCash and for the past month the earnings have been at least 30% less than what I would expect.

Is suprnova stealing from us? Or has the mining reward changed now that the secure nodes are also getting paid?

Edit: According to the whitepaper, the addition of secure nodes shouldn’t affect mining reward.

Mining reward hasn’t changed, and the secure nodes launched December 15th. You can check each mined block on a zencash explorerer and see 11 zen are still being distributed as the miner reward.

Supernova also isn’t stealing from you. You need to always be adjusting your expectations based on the network hashrate and the network difficulty. ZenCash is up about 100% from where it was 30 days ago. There were points where it was up 150%. The result of that was it has attracted more miners, therefor more network hashrate and a higher difficulty. So it is normal that the amount of zen you mine proportionally went down.

I track my supernova hashrate using suprnova’s API and was getting on average 2530 where my miner console would report 2650. Idk the reason for that difference but I’ve just assumed it’s normal. I haven’t run as extensive of tests with any other pools so I can’t comment on if it’s exclusive to suprnova.

Plus the suprnova pool controls about 25% of the network hashrate, we would have a lot more complaints if there was funny business going on. I think there’s like 5000 miners or more using that pool

I get how (personal hashrate)/(global hashrate) x (reward) x (minutes in a day)/(blocktime) gives you the approximate reward that you can expect per day.

My issue is that for the past few weeks the personal hashrate stated on suprnova has been consistently less than what the miner says. Typically there are fluctuations in personal hashrate on suprnova, but it will average out to being about what the miner says.

I may have just had an odd run of bad luck in getting shares for a few days or maybe there were some network connection problems, and I’m over-reacting.

Suprnova approximates your hashrate based on how many shares you’re getting. So it fluctuates. Your long term (about a week) average suprnova hashrate shouldn’t differ from your miner hashrate by more than a about 2 percent.

I try not to recommend one pool over another as I don’t think it’s fair however I would highly recommend you guys jump ship from the behemoth that is Suprnova and give one of the mid-sized pools a shout to help decentralise our hashrate and prevent any one pool gaining too large a share.

I’d also like to point out that fees play a part in your earnings. They can easily rack up to >5% depending what you’re using software wise.

Also worth checking your efficiency to ensure you’re not getting loads of rejects.

Doesn’t sound like you’re a million miles from the payments I’d expect from a 1070 Ti rig though.


ON supernova avg 1550sols. ewBF miner windows 7. I earn .3 + daily. 1 zen every 3 days roughly.
Running (4 x 1060 3g asus duals //// 1x 1070 asus strix 8gb.)