ZENChat - Messaging Application on top of ZEN


Its a light weight dynamic frontend that connects to your personal node via RPC. I don’t have any backend servers to maintain, the web app can be hosted directly off GitHub

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Okay that helps a lot so for people that are able to set up a node on a VPS they can remotely access it. Or just use it on their own system.

It might make a business opportunity for someone to host communication nodes for people who are not able to do that.

Okay I don’t really have any more questions how soon were you thinking about starting to work on this?

Would there be a way to use SSL encryption, when itbecomes available, on the Node to Tunnel the RPC information securely?

@blockops already started it, around 80% complete I would say, an alpha version should be up by the next biweekly update.

Yes, SSL encryption can definitely be an option in the future (user needs to supply their own cert). Maybe even rpc through a ssh tunnel


The alpha version is up. Binaries for windows and linux can be found at: https://github.com/kendricktan/ZENChat/releases/tag/v0.0.1a Need some testers

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I’ll help you get some testers. Installing it on one of my boxes first…still thinking about the proposal.

What are your thoughts about 3 milestones with funding tied to milestones? Like in the example proposal here? How to Create a Proposal for ZenCash

testing on linux box. can’t connect to RPC. Is there a place to check for logs? See pictures


The current values in the host and ports are just placeholders, you need to actually enter in and 8233 for the host and port respectively.

I’ll be making sure the fields aren’t empty in the future.

wow, I feel silly now.

It is working. I am also going to install a version on a windows virtual machine. It will be until tomorrow afternoon when I can really test it though.

@kendrick we want to fund the continued development and support of the chat application.

what do you think of three milestones?

  1. publish beta version to zencashofficial github
  2. production release
  3. 3 months after production, with tweaks and bugfixes complete
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@kendrick I am testing ZENChat. I have gotten far enough to create a new chat. After I run it, though, all I get is a spinning circle. There is no console output, I am not sure if there are logs, so I don’t know what it is doing. Any suggestions?


The 3 milestones sounds achievable. I’ll pm your for more details in slack.

As for the bug, its been fixed in v0.0.2a: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zenchat/releases/tag/v0.0.2a

The binaries aren’t out yet, but there’s instructions on how to compile it yourself.

I ran “Get Secret Code” but Clipboard is empty.

Hey there,

Could you contact me in slack? @utopia

“secretCode”: “I love Zen Cash”,
“chatName”: “Utopia to Blockops”,
“address”: “zcSHAVppuZPwunLQmVjk7URJtRuJu9scsTiwNUPtXT3ZmzoQk5BZuX4z3dTrsno5pKGup41L9ewZoVYTs6wjxuF9duUatcN”,
“nicknames”: {
“znb3LqhaQ1hc1wKgFrbuhPR6niRdfmTUfaH”: “Utopia”

I tried to do a chat test to Blockops, But only the spinning circle is shown.
Is it my fault?

@utopia are you using the latest release? It’s been fixed in v0.0.2a

of course, I am using v0.0.2a.

@utopia that is very strange, try sending a message anyway and see what it does

I found the cause.
I put the Z-address wrong.

Thanks for that info. I’ll be adding that so it catches the exception

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