ZenHub : VR & E-sports

Dear zenners,

We are The Hub, a small team located in Timisoara. Romania, doing VR software developement, VR mobile entertainment, virtual tours and events since 2015.

In two weeks we will be hosting a VR military pvp competition ( Onward VR) and we think it is a good opportunity to spread ZEN awareness among gamers and their friends, giving away ZEN to participants.

Gamers gain zencash
We gain exposure and zencash
Zencash gains exposure and extra GPUS to secure the network

What do you think?

The event: Onward VR: Duel Showdown

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That sounds like a neat idea. What would you do to promote Zen and what would you need to get it done?

You could also use the proposal template here to create a proposal: How to Create a Proposal for ZenCash

Done: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WvDh0H6tfkKZ0DtnCrQQJWnOQdpSiam1FKBvLF2TMHQ

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I like the proposal. Let me see if I can get some other eyes on this also. @finpunk can you take a look at this? Also @Smrtz and @rocket if you have a chacne.

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I like the idea, can you give us some concrete ways how you plan raise awareness ?, would it be possible to have a short 10~20m ZenCash presentation.

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I’m the lead game dev @theHub, I’m the fellow that’s going to be hosting the event and managing the participants. We could hold a 15~ minute presentation, sure. We really want to get our players hyped, hopefully follow-up events will generate a growing crowd in Timisoara. Could you tell me a couple of details which would be very relevant in the presentation? Or maybe if you have a press release text, something which I could work into a presentation aimed at both gamers and tech geeks? :smiley:


ok, I’m ready to say yes to this. What I am going to ask you to do is:

Install the Swing wallet

Post two ZEN addresses here. One that is transparent, and one that is shielded.

I will send you 1 ZEN each for 10 users on the transparent address, and will send you a message using the memo in the shielded address.

If you can send me a memo back replying to my memo using the shielded address with a second transparent address and how many users there are (10-15 you said), I will send you the 60 ZEN for tournament winners to that address.

All I would like you to do during the tournament is help the 10-15 people to install and use the swing wallet, send them each some ZEN on a transparent address, and some zen and a message on a shielded address. You can do that however you want.

I’ll track the activity using the block explorer.

Do what I just asked above, and I’ll send you the 40 ZEN for getting it done.

How does that sound?

You’ve got my vote, guys…love this idea. I’m a big fan of exposing the VR / gaming communities to ZEN. Thanks for taking the initiative to propose this! If it goes well, we could look at future engagements to continue getting this community involved.

Great! This is awesome!

@Chiciu, were you able to get everything set up or would you like some help?

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Hey again everyone!

Thanks for all the help so far, guys!

@finpunk so do we, the team has been shifting gears towards game dev and we’re studying on how to implement ZEN as a currency into one of our upcoming games.

Also, we’re going to use the 40 ZEN and the small amount we’ve mined so far to set up a secure node. :smiley:


Great! I sent 10 ZEN for Gamer Rewards to this address znZTjCcodnYzjLSxTPhBbEzdX8TyApPP43U

You can see the transaction here: https://explorer.zensystem.io/tx/8648e38af39f8ab06338f3024c55a6ed592018bfbcdfd4a59d99365f15de7ba1

And the balance for that address here:

I sent a question to this address that I would like an answer about: zcSHAVppuZPwunLQmVjk7URJtRuJu9scsTiwNUPtXT3ZmzoQk5BZuX4z3dTrsno5pKGup41L9ewZoVYTs6wjxuF9duUatcN

There is no way to see how much I sent you or the balance on the zc address.

Also, I will see if can get a short overview together so you can tell the gamers why they should be using ZenCash. Tournament is Sat August 5th, right?

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Yes, 5th of August, https://www.facebook.com/events/676624732547499
We will modify the announcement by tommorow, any suggestions are welcomed

Syncing the wallet atm, will reply to your address asap

The game can be downloaded from store.steampowered.com/app/496240/Onward

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How do I reply to the actual Memo?

I think you should be able to send a new transaction to the zc address you received the memo from using a very small amount of zen, like 0.0001 or 0.00001 or maybe even 0.0000001 and type some words in the memo field

I can’t find the sending address for the memo

My mistake, I sent from a transparent address. I will send you another one from a shielded memo. You should be able to see it in the transaction detail from that.