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ok, I sent you another memo, this one with a shielded address in the memo field you can use to send me a response.

sent the reply with the address

I have not yet received a reply. Maybe it will come through soon. Did it send?

That’s awesome, i’d love to get ZEN into more games. We’re also working with another gaming portal, so maybe that’s a great niche we should do more with. If you guys need any support integrating, please stop by our #developers channel in Slack and there’s always a bunch of folks available to help.

Resent, closed the wallet too fast the first time ( and did not use the recommended wallet)

I’ll check it in the morning. Thanks!

I got the messages. I just want to verify that this is the correct address to send 60 ZEN to for the winner of the tournament:

The memo field does not have the ability yet to copy and paste, so I did this by eye and hand…

Correct, znTpwRqfjNtjanjDKzmzESTCQsGiv7kLjJj is the address

Excellent - just sent 60 ZEN to that address for your winner.

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Received, thanks guys! Still spreading the news, feedback has been great so far!

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Great! Now let’s just make Romania a major ZenCash hub :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delayed reply, but you’ll be happy to hear the tournament went great, we had 8 participants, all of whom made wallets in time and received the 1 Zen for Participation, and our winner received the 60 Zen without a problem!

We were expecting more people, but a heatwave the day prior(42 degrees) put a dent of 4 people in our numbers. The all around positive aspect is people understood how to use their wallets, were pretty hyped about Zen, and about future Tournaments in VR, and were asking us if we plan to make this a semi-regular thing :smiley:

P.S.: We’ll be posting a more official statement soon, both to our social media and here!


Our first event is over. We started with a short Zencash presentation, followed by a training VR session, a break and the actual competition. It all lasted for about five hours filled with action and fun, with excellent feedback from the players.
There is definitely room for wider audiences, bigger championships and more local partners.

I think together we can start building the local e-sports scene, developing a clear procedure along the way. With this procedure we will then be able to scale the idea worldwide, at once. Something that can be maybe marketed as product, Zenhub: Free Urban Esports Arena Pack. We have a lot of ideas on this topic :slight_smile:

Also, our dev team(@Chiciu and his team of another two programmers plus a sound engineer) has made progress on the game we’re currently working on, Crypt Crawlers.
Imagine Metroid-Vania dungeon crawling RPG with a 3d overworld, and free-form sword combat. We will hopefully have a trailer ready by tomorrow evening, together with pictures from the event!

Thank you #zenners!

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Awesome! Great to hear the event went well, despite the preceding heat wave :slight_smile:

Continued joint marketing with something like ZenHub would be really cool, i’d be up for brainstorming this further.

Any pics and video of the event would be wonderful. We could get that up on our blog and blast it out to the community to make them more aware of these kinds of special events.

Straight from Our Oven, the first teaser for Crypt Crawlers! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxt7WIgpIa7nUUZNdFVaNjdLZmc We had some tech issues yesterday where our computers decided to commit suicide and it took a while to fix the issues, but we happily didn’t lose any progress on the game! Hope you guys like this :smiley: (PS: we’ll improve the voice capture quality ASAP)


Also uploaded the pics from the event here

Hey again everyone!

We’ve been pretty swamped over here for the past few days, because people were very hyped for this tournament format, and we’ve been running feedback to get some valuable data from our participants and regular VR users. We are preparing to expand upon the format, to cater to more users, and we have an opportunity this weekend to advertise ZenCash at a music festival in town! Do you have any designs for rollups, banners, and such? :smiley:

The best design i have seen this far is this https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/0*l7k46Urn-qgPjQhq.jpg
Blockops posted it on medium a while back.
I recommend that you join slack and ask there in #general and #marketing because its more active then in this forum.
Here is slack invite :smile: https://slackinvite.zensystem.io/

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Hey, I was going to send you all 40 ZEN when you were done with the tournament. I don’t think I did that yet, right?

Look like you all had a great event! We are going to be doing some more branding stuff soon - it’s exciting you all want to continue working with ZenCash on your events.